Swordfish Health Benefits and Preparation

With its sharp, sword-like bills and impressive sailfins, the swordfish looks incredibly mean and fearsome. Fortunately, this apex predator is quite delicious, and its mildly sweet meat has garnered most of our favour. Thus, it is no wonder why it belongs on the list of the best tasting fish available.

But are there things that you must know more about swordfish? Well, yes of course! Here is some pretty handy information that will make you a sharper swordfish expert.

Swordfish Health Benefits

Swordfish steak is not just delicious. It is also packed with essential nutrients we need to keep ourselves healthy. The meat has a high protein content and contains no carbohydrates, so it is perfect for people taking a low-carb, high-protein diet. Eating swordfish supplies us with essential amino acids that cannot be produced by our body. These essential amino acids help in reducing the risk of arthritis, inflammation, osteoporosis, and certain types of cancers.

Furthermore, being an oily fish, it is also a rich source of another cancer-busting nutrient: omega 3. Omega 3 not just lowers the probability of having cancer, it helps you fight diseases often associated with old age. To top it off, including amino acids in your diet helps in maintaining better memory and cognitive functions on your later years. Just like essential amino acids, omega 3 cannot be produced by our bodies, so we must get it from our food source instead. Simply put, it’s just another reason to to eat swordfish.

Other nutrients you get from swordfish include selenium, which is necessary for healthy skin, vitamin B-12 for better neurological health, and vitamin D, that aids calcium absorption.

Picking Your Swordfish

Swordfish can grow up to 15 feet long, so it’s white meat is usually cut into steaks. In choosing the perfect steak, check the dark strip of meat on its side first. If it’s pink, then it’s fresh. Brown means otherwise.

Best Way to Prepare Swordfish

Swordfish can be prepared in many different ways. It is a good fish for sushi, but if you think that is too fancy or complicated for you, then good old reliable grilling is fine.

The swordfish meat is actually the meatiest out there, making it ideal for grilling and barbecues. Unlike other kinds of fish, its meat does not flake. Swordfish is mildly sweet, but fairly bland, so it easily absorbs other flavors perfectly.

Grilling swordfish is very similar to grilling a pork or beef steak. Just give it a nice sear for a few minutes, depending on thickness, on one side, and 2-3 minute on the other. You’d want to keep the middle succulent - just under cooked. The skin helps to keep the meat nice and moist during grilling, so it is best to remove it once the steak is ready. Just make sure to not overcook it, lest, could end up with an unappetising rubbery meat for a meal and a disappointed guest for company.