Quick Tips on Grilling Seafood

Not only is seafood full of flavour but it is healthy as well. If you are looking for some new ideas but don’t quite know how to cook it, then you have one easy choice: traditional grilling, which is quick and gives your seafood that delicious smoky flavour.

To help you get started, here are some quick tips when grilling seafood.

Clean and oil your grill.

The thing with fish is that it is more likely to stick than beef or chicken. And, you can avoid this by having a well-cleaned, oiled, and hot grill. Thoroughly clean the grill with a grill brush before and after using it. To coat the grill, you can use a cloth or paper towel dipped in oil.

For thin fillets (less than one-inch thick), consider doing these:

(The thing with grilling fresh fish, particularly the thin types, is that they may fall apart when moved.) One way to prevent thin fish from flaking apart is by keeping their skin. Besides, the thin skin of fish such as mackerel and trout can have that nice crispiness, so you can enjoy eating it.

Wrap them in aluminum foil; parchment paper should be placed between the fish and oil to avoid sticking. Or, you can use a basket to keep the fish in place, preventing them from flaking part.

When grilling smaller seafood, such as shrimp and scallops, consider using a skewer.

While you can grill them directly on the grates, using a skewer will make the grilling easier for you as you don’t have to tend to each of piece of your scallop or shrimp. This will also prevent losing your seafood to the fire.

Now that we have some basics on grilling seafood, let’s see what the best types of seafood to grill are.


Salmon is great for grilling because it doesn’t flake apart when exposed to the heat of the grill. It doesn’t matter whether you grill it as a steak or a fillet; it stays intact and doesn’t lose its distinct flavour.


Because tuna is thick, it doesn’t flake apart either. Give it a nice sear and grill it to medium rare, and you will have great seafood for lunch or dinner.


Grilling squid is quick and simple. All you need is a mix of lemon zest, salt, garlic, cumin, and olive oil. Then rub the mixture into the squid. Remember that when grilling squid, your grill should be very hot to prevent it from getting overcooked and rubbery.


Clams are cheap, sustainable, and are very easy to grill. All you need to do is scrub the clams and place them on a hot grill and cover them. After a few minutes, take a peek. Take them out of the grill as soon as they begin to open; otherwise, their flavourful juices will evaporate. Dab the inside with flavoured butter, and you’re ready to enjoy your delicious seafood.