Fish is a great source of essential nutrients for the human body. They constitute part of delicious and nutritious meals. We need them for augmenting the nutrients in our core food. Aside from being an exceptional source of protein, they also provide some nutritional value that keep us away from diseases and all kind of health issues.

If you’re not sure whether anchovies are a good option for your diets, then, it’s important we let you know that anchovies are a good source of :

  • Omega-3 fatty acids
  • Vitamin A
  • Magnesium, Calcium, and phosphorus
  • Protein
  • Niacin and vitamin B12

Benefits associated with these nutrients include :

  1. REDUCED INFLAMMATION The presence of omega-3 fatty acid can help you minimize exposure to cardiovascular diseases and inflammation. Anchovies supply up to 19% of the recommended daily requirement of Omega 3 fatty acid in men and women. So, therefore, considering Anchovies recipe is a sure way to enhance your health .
  2. ENHANCED VISION AND INCREASE BONE GROWTH According to the international organization of ophthalmology and eye science, anchovies are quite active in protecting human sight against the severity of glaucoma. It’s a great seafood that helps maintain and improve people’s vision. Furthermore, Anchovies are quite essentials in boosting bone growth, cell division and effective regulation of the human immune system .
  3. STRONGER BONES Eating anchovies enhance the growth and strength of your bone. Although most seafood supply magnesium, calcium and even phosphorus needed for the growth and maintenance of bone, but with anchovies you can gain more essential minerals required to build your bones. Anchovies are quite rich in magnesium which forms the matrix that encourages hydroxyapatite. The rich calcium in the fish also protect human teeth .
  4. WEIGHT LOSS Weight loss isn’t just about that routine exercise; it also entails the eating of nourishing seafood. So many people believe going to gym and taking diet pills are the only ways to lose weight. While these measures are essential to a certain extent, it’s paramount to know that anchovies can also play a role in controlling weight. This fish type suppresses the hunger hormone in people and ultimately creates an appetite for ample nutrition necessary to enhance your healthy diet .
  5. ACTIVE DEPRESSANTS The vast presence of vitamin B 12 and niacin really assist the body to maintain a sound and healthy nervous system. Anchovies are also great for controlling fatigue, nerve damage and a weak sense of touch in the human body.

A healthy low-fat, low-calorie fish dish that's bursting with flavor as well as being rich in fiber, folate, iron, and vitamin C can enhance your health. Note that good choices, like eating a anchovies, help balance your diet.

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