It’s Skrei time!

Skrei is seasonal Norwegian Cod at it’s very best. It is only available from January to April each year as migratory Cod make their way from the Barents Sea to the North Norwegian coast to spawn. The fish travel vast distances in the ocean swells and nutrient rich Barents Sea and this gives them a unique pure white, firm and supple flesh.

7 facts about Skrei

  • Only 10% of fish are caught to ensure that stocks are sustainable for the future. The fish are MSC certified.
  • All fish are line caught from day boats
  • The fish are all fully grown and at least 5 years old.
  • The fish must be free from scratches and bruises to be tagged as Skrei
  • The fish must be packaged within 12 hours of being caught
  • All Skrei is tagged
  • One portion of Skrei provides the recommended daily allowance of Omega 3