How To Fillet John Dory

For some, the idea of filleting their own fish is overwhelming. That job is best left for the experts.

But the process of filleting fish is a lot simpler than you would normally expect. Sure there are some rules, tips, techniques that make the difference, but what it really comes down to is a good quality sharp knife, knowing the right technique to use and practice. A great reasons to buy whole fish, serve the fillets and use the head tail and bones to make your very own delicious stock.

In the video below we show you how to fillet you very own John Dory,primarily a piscivore, feeding primarily on schooling fish like sardines, although it will occasionally eat  squid and cuttlefish. Enough of that though, here are the quick points and watch the video below:

  • The first cut is behind the gill and side fin
  • Cut along the back bone from head to tail
  • Gently feel the bone and cut along the bones to release the fillet
  • Turn the fish over and repeat