Cod is a good substitute for meat protein. It’s an essential element that serves numerous functions in the human body. The simple way to meet your daily intake requirement of lean protein, vitamin B12, omega 3 fats, and even vitamin A is to make a delicious meal to contain cod – a fish type usually sourced either from Atlantic or Pacific ocean.

Here are 5 remarkable benefits of adding codfish to your dish.

  1. Supply of energy Cod is among the most popular seafood notable for richness in protein. It’s an excellent avenue to make up to 35 percent of the recommended daily allowance of lean protein. The presence of such food nutrients aids the building and maintenance of bones, hormones and even muscles in the human body. Intakes of cod nourish the body and also supply the essential energy need to stay active at work.
  2. Efficient nerves functioning Cod are potential sources of vitamin B12. The supply of these nutrients assists in keeping your nerves at a normal state. It also regulates the level of homocysteine being deposited into your bloodstream. According to familydoctor.org, 2.4 micograms of vitamins B12 is necessary for daily diet. An ounce of cod contains 0.65 micrograms. You may already know, a deficiency of vitamin B-12 can cause anemia. To curb this incident, it’s important to consider an intake of seafood with an abundance of B12. Adding cod to your dishes could help protect the body against anemia.
  3. Protect heart arrhythmia According to research conducted by Harvard medical school, fish consumption contributes to the presence of enhanced electrical properties of human heart cells . Such activity also guides against any incident of heart arrhythmia. Because cod contains proper nutrients needed to produce the required electrical properties, you can be sure of protecting your heart against arrhythmia.
  4. Controls the risks of Stroke and Triglycerides A publication on amjournalexpress.com noted that cod has proven to be beneficial in preventing abnormal heart rhythms and ischemic stroke; they contain a nutrient that fights against ischemic strokes. It’s also suitable for controlling diabetes. The abundance of omega -3 fats assists the body in minimizing the level of triglycerides that could be present in human heart. By so doing, the heart is guided against triglycerides and any forms of cholesterol.
  5. Quickens wounds healing The cod liver oil from the livers of Atlantic cods are a great source of vitamin A. According to a publication on US national library of medicine, Vitamin A seems to have an important role in accelerating wound healing and could be the active component in cod liver oil. The intake of such oil helps the body to have glowing skin and as well prevent coronary atherosclerosis . It ultimately assists in repairing and healing wounds on the human body.

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